How to Shoot a Music Video

You can spend a million or more on a music video, depending on how much money the producers are ready to print on film. However, if you’re not Kanye West or Lady Gaga, your budget is likely to be modest. However, nowadays there are many ways to shoot a clip for cheap or even for free.

The main thing is to have a lot of friends and acquaintances from different spheres. In addition, you will need and ingenuity. The second is simply necessary. So, how to properly prepare and make a good video?

The idea

What exactly do you want to shoot? Romantic story, thriller, abstraction, poetic landscapes or comedy?Alternatively, you do not know yet, but you are sure that you need a video as soon as possible. In the second case – if there is a cinema, a theater or television institute in your city, then it is necessary to find acquaintances among the students there. Groups or communities in social networks or other acquaintances will help you with this.

Independently or with the help of specially trained people, discuss all the possible ideas. Complex production, a large number of locations for filming (shopping malls, clubs, cinemas, etc.) and even minimal special effects are quite difficult to obtain when you have a small budget. To shoot melodramatic stories with the beginning, development and end is rather difficult from the point of view of direction. Whatever your friends might be, but it’s better to take actors for the role of interacting with each other (and if there are no such actors among your friends, then you will have to pay money).

Even at the stage of developing ideas and writing a script, try to think about how much it will cost. The most inexpensive in terms of money shooting actors, wandering around your own city, beautiful girls in the woods or fields, etc. In this case, if you are thinking about a lengthy poetic video, then it’s worth discussing with an operator or a cool photographer who can make video, and whose taste you trust. If you or your close friend is doing well with handicrafts, then you can make cool DIY special effects. You can make a lot of cool things with your hands. Any decorations, insane costumes and so on can be done by yourself. The only things you need are: good idea, place and materials. It is possible to assemble a unique entourageeven from urban rubbish – the main thing is to understand how to use it.

The team

If you have found the director and operator in one person, then at least two more people will be required: the executive producer and the assistant. Itis better to choose the executive producer among particularly smart and talented friends. Even if you combine these qualities in yourself, believe me, it will not work. There must be a person, who, together with you, will make a detailed plan of everything that should be connected with the shooting. He must take an active part in everything that is spelled out in the following paragraphs. Also, you can take someone else in reserve, an assistant, whom you can ask to buy batteries or sandwiches if required.


If there are people willing to help you free of charge, the main two things that you may need are money for the camera and the light. Two other important things are mainly the movement, props and food.

If you have a friend with a class camera and a large collection of lenses for it, and you are going to shoot the video completely in an amusement park on a sunny day – then the first point falls off – neither light nor a camera will be needed. However, if a friend does not have a suitable camera, and shooting is planned in a bar, at a stadium and at night, then rents will come to your aid. Talk to friends from television or universities, about which we talked – they all have to have links with local rents and discounts.

When making a storyboard and production plan, you need to write down all the items you need. Make a separate list with the props, divide it into two parts: 1) what you can find by yourself, and 2) what you have to buy. Do not rush to buy in stores – almost everything can be found on online services. Prices are much cheaper there.

If you do not pay any fees to your friends, it would be a good gesture to provide buns for all participants of the event – sandwiches, water, tea, etc. This is the smallest, but rather important part of the budget.

Locations search

You need to start it together with your operator. We live in a rather strange space, and if you want the place in which you are trying to create some magic to look convincing, you need to try hard and prepare carefully. You should know where you can shoot without any permissions and where to show dodgy and negotiating skills? The possibility of renting premises or spaces for filming is not taken into account.

Storyboard and staging plan

Storyboards are the main assistants of your operator, and the production plan is for your producer.

It is necessary to discuss and draw each frame of your clip with the operator. Size, angle, etc. Even if all the members of your team do not have any talent for writing, still anyone can sketch out the people or the terrain and sign what’s going on.

The calendar-staging plan helps to resolve issues with the movement between objects and minimize unnecessary problems. Of course, as always, not everything will go clearly according to plan, but still it will help to avoid confusion.

Now that you are fully prepared, the props are purchased, the tasks for each member of your team are indicated and mastered, you can start shooting. In conclusion, let’s say again: with a small budget or its absence, the most valuable thing in a video is an idea, a concept. It is the most important thing that will help to make your video special.

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